Stealth Spotlight: Youssef ID Babou

  Meet our Mechanical Design Intern! Today we're happy to introduce our Mechanical Design Intern, Youssef ID Babou. Originally from Morocco, he's now studying in France, and he's been interning with us to finish his Mechanical Engineering Degree. He's been a great addition to our team, and he's opened our eyes to the deliciousness of [...]

2019-08-14T13:07:55-05:00August 14th, 2019|Coverage|

Happy Earth Day!

Earth day is today - April 22nd, 2019! Today we're celebrating Earth Day! Since 1970, Earth Day has been a global event that focuses on increasing ecological awareness. This year's focus will be on ending plastic pollution, and the Earth Day Network will spend the day educating millions of people about the health and environmental [...]

2019-04-22T13:31:11-05:00April 22nd, 2019|Coverage, Environmental news|

Stealth Spotlight: Benny Coronado

Meet our Shop Manager and residential prankster! Today we're happy to introduce our Shop Manager, Benny Coronado. A skilled and hard-working technician, Benny is the trusted leader of our shop operations. Continue reading to learn more about Benny! Tell us about yourself? I'm a father of two that likes to rise and grind. I'm from West [...]

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Stealth Spotlight: Mitchell Gregonis

A new recruit has joined our ranks! Today we're introducing you to Mitchell Gregonis, ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician at Stealth Power. With more than 14 years of automotive maintenance and repair experience, he is a true automotive expert. Continue reading to learn more about Mitchell, our newest team member! Tell us about yourself? Well, [...]

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Alternative Solutions to Eliminate Emissions

Why is air pollution an issue? According to Brady Dennis from The Washington Post, nine million people around the world are killed each year due to pollution. These high mortality rates have encouraged governments worldwide to implement air pollution legislation in order to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help save people’s lives. Global [...]

Join Stealth Power at the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) International!

Stealth Power will be equipping a Braun Custom Ambulance with our technology at FDIC. Stealth Power and Braun Custom Ambulances will be joining forces for the Fire Department Instructor's Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis on April 24-25, 2018. Braun Ambulance The Stealth Power equipped ambulance offers: Extended vehicle operations Idle reduction technology Real-time data [...]

New technologies help hospitals improve operations

For more information visit HIT Leaders and News. Date: September 1, 2016 Written By: Devin Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Stealth Power Devin Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Stealth Power In the past several decades, the healthcare industry has gained a reputation for being slower than other industries to adopt new technologies. When considering the fact that [...]

2019-03-12T15:00:25-05:00September 2nd, 2016|Coverage, Idle Reduction News|

New Tech Helps Emergency Vehicles Across U.S. “Go Green”

For more information visit Hopeful Headlines. In order to power the life-saving equipment they use countless times everyday, ambulances across the country must do one vital thing: keep their engine running while parked. That may not seem like much of a burden on the planet, but when you factor in 1.5-2.5 gallons of fuel emissions [...]

2017-09-13T00:11:05-05:00July 27th, 2016|Coverage, Idle Reduction News, Press|

Gothamist – Ask A Native New Yorker: How Do I Get Rid Of Ambulances Idling Outside My Apartment?

For more information, visit Gothamist. (Jason Kuffer / Flickr) Are you relatively new to this bustling metropolis? Don't be shy about it, everyone was new to New York once upon a time, except, of course, those battle-hardened residents who've lived here their whole lives and Know It All. One of these lifers works among us [...]

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