Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Air Pollution

A study shows proof that Alzheimer's Disease starts in childhood and could be linked to air pollution. Photo by Bistrian Iosip on Unsplash A new study focusing on Mexico City's residents found evidence to suggest that Alzheimer's begins in early childhood and could be linked to air pollution. According to Newsweek, researchers examined [...]

Energy Markets are Not Growing Fast Enough

A recent report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) reveals that energy markets are struggling to change fast enough to avert climate change. The WEF's Fostering Effective Enerhu Transition Report analyzes countries' ability to transition to more environmentally friendly technologies and to create a sustainable, environmentally-cautious energy market. According to an article from Eco-Business News, [...]

Clean Air: Good For Your Health and the Economy!

Studies Show Clean Air Is Good for Your Health and the Economy A comprehensive article by ENSIA, an independent nonprofit environmentally-focused magazine, illuminates some studies that prove clean air isn't only beneficial for the environment, but also for our health. These studies focus on workers' productivity based on their air quality and how this might [...]

Energy Department Predicts Rise in Diesel Prices

Energy Department Predicts Rise in Diesel Prices According to Work Truck Top News, expected prices for diesel and gasoline have been changed to a higher projection due to "anticipated higher prices for crude oil." Their "Energy Department Raises Diesel, Gasoline Price Forecasts" article explained that a new Energy Department report predicts that the national retail [...]

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Alternative Solutions to Eliminate Emissions

Why is air pollution an issue? According to Brady Dennis from The Washington Post, nine million people around the world are killed each year due to pollution. These high mortality rates have encouraged governments worldwide to implement air pollution legislation in order to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help save people’s lives. Global [...]

Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels on the Rise

The International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2017, the first rise in three years. IEA's report shows that global emissions have reached a historic high of 32.5 gigatonnes, the first significant rise in the past three years. This represents a 1.4% growth in 2017.   The reason for this increase in [...]

Pollution Linked to Diseases, Premature Deaths, and Even Brain Development Impairment  

Pollution is a great threat to health. According to the World Health Organization, nine million deaths in 2015 were connected to pollution—a killer that far surpassed deaths from malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined. Some of the well-known effects of pollution are respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and premature deaths. The New York City Department of [...]

Ready or Not: Are Companies Prepared for Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities?

New reports indicate that companies struggle to act on climate-related risks and opportunities even when correctly identifying them. Reports by  CDP,  the Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB), and Ceres show that companies are slow to act on environmentally related opportunities and risks. According to the Environmental Leader's recent article by Alyssa Danigelis,  the CDP and CDSB's  [...]

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Clean Techs Create Jobs

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) World Energy Outlook 2017 predicts global energy consumption to shift to clean energy technologies due to the substantial decrease in costs for clean and natural technologies. As shown below in Figure 1, there is a rapid deployment of additional renewable energy capacity over the next two decades. The same IEA [...]

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