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Ozone Season Ends in Central Texas, But Air Pollution Could Still Pose a Threat

As Austin's "ozone season" comes to an end, residents still need to keep an eye out for high-ozone activities. A recent article by The Austin Community Impact Newspaper reported on Austin's ozone levels and the effect they could have on the Austin community.  the article explains that Austin's "ozone season" takes place between August and October every [...]

Idling Vehicles Waste Six Billion Gallons of Fuel a Year

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that vehicles burn approximately six billion gallons of fuel every year while idling. Source: Pixabay A recent opinion piece by Lisa Frusztajer in Cape Cod Times focused on vehicle idling nationwide and its effects. According to Frusztajer, the U.S. Department of Energy (USDE) estimates that the U.S. wastes [...]

What Effects Does Air Pollution Have on Your Body?

Air Pollution's Effects on Your Body and Brain. Air is all around us and unavoidably effects our health. We need air to live, but many human activities such as driving cars or working at power plants have an inverse effect on air quality. A recent article by Business Insider dived into the various effects air pollution [...]

NC Floodwater Breaches Coal Ash Dumps and Hog Farms

Floodwater from Hurrican Florence causes coal ash and hog farm pollution in N.C. to reach local rivers and lake. Drone photo released by Duke Energy showing flooding from their coal-fired plant into Sutton Lake As Hurricane Florence reached the Carolinas, floodwaters in Wilmington, N.C. caused coal ash and low-lying hog farms' wastes to [...]

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Air Pollution Linked to Alzheimer’s

Researchers from Arizona State University have found a link between air pollution and Alzheimer's. Arizona State University's National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) issued a paper examining the effect of air pollution on dementia. Titled "Hazed and Confused," this analysis linked "fifteen years of Medicare records for 6.9 million adults age 65 and older to [...]

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The Unexpected Costs of the New EPA Coal Rules

EPA's overhaul of federal coal plants' regulations comes with an unexpected environmental and human health cost. Earlier this month the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an overhaul of federal pollution restrictions on coal-burning power plants. This change in regulation is meant to create new jobs, empower the coal industry, and eliminate unnecessary red tape. It [...]

What’s the Deal With Shipping Pollution?

An article by The Conversation highlights ships' greenhouse gas pollution and the urgency for maritime emission regulation. The Conversation has published an article that focuses on shipping's pollution and its immediate effects on today's environment. The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explained describes that with more than 52,000 ships crisscrossing maritime trade routes annually, stricter [...]

Record Heat Experienced Across the Globe

As temperature across the world rises to record peaks, regular people must deal with this unprecedented heat. Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash This summer has already experienced record-breaking high temperatures across the globe. 2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record, according to CNN.  The only three other years [...]

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