Idle Reduction Legislation

What’s the Deal With Shipping Pollution?

An article by The Conversation highlights ships' greenhouse gas pollution and the urgency for maritime emission regulation. The Conversation has published an article that focuses on shipping's pollution and its immediate effects on today's environment. The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explained describes that with more than 52,000 ships crisscrossing maritime trade routes annually, stricter [...]

New standards proposed in order to reduce vehicle idling

Obama's Administration proposes ecologically responsive emission standards for heavy-duty vehicles. The Obama Administration has taken steps toward their 2nd phase in enforcing emission standards for vehicles across the United States; targeting 18-wheelers, garbage trucks and school buses. These new standards may require heavy-duty vehicles to decrease their fuel consumption by reducing their idle time, and incorporating [...]

Stealth Power’s financial benefits

How long will it take to realize fuel cost savings after installing an idle reduction system? As long as you use the mobile electric power system to its fullest capabilities you will realize fuel cost savings almost instantaneously. What’s the cost of Idle Reduction? The cost of our systems depends on the load needed in [...]

FDNY EMS reduces idling with Stealth Power

Back in 2010 when the NYC Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection bill 0218-2010 was pending, it clearly defined the required outcome expected after EMS vehicles were equipped with idle reduction technology, such as an auxiliary power unit (APU). The technology needed to allow the engine of a vehicle to be turned off while still providing [...]

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