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What Effects Does Air Pollution Have on Your Body?

Air Pollution's Effects on Your Body and Brain. Air is all around us and unavoidably effects our health. We need air to live, but many human activities such as driving cars or working at power plants have an inverse effect on air quality. A recent article by Business Insider dived into the various effects air pollution [...]

What’s the Deal With Shipping Pollution?

An article by The Conversation highlights ships' greenhouse gas pollution and the urgency for maritime emission regulation. The Conversation has published an article that focuses on shipping's pollution and its immediate effects on today's environment. The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explained describes that with more than 52,000 ships crisscrossing maritime trade routes annually, stricter [...]

Millennial Voters – Clean Energy Support

Millennials' Strong Desire for Clean Energy According to Energy Manager Today, "the survey found that a strong majority of young voters support clean energy, and desire changes to our current electricity markets that reduce regulations, disrupt monopolies, and increase consumer choice". Millennials will be the majority of voters in the 2018 election, which means that this would [...]

Record Heat Experienced Across the Globe

As temperature across the world rises to record peaks, regular people must deal with this unprecedented heat. Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash This summer has already experienced record-breaking high temperatures across the globe. 2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record, according to CNN.  The only three other years [...]

Join Stealth Power at 100 Best Fleets’ Conference at UT Austin!

Stealth Power will be presenting at 100 Best Fleets’ conference at UT Austin. Stealth Power is proud to be a presenter at 100 Best Fleets‘ “Solutions to the Biggest Fleet Challenges in 2018” event at the University of Texas, Austin on July 18th. We will be sponsoring the event’s lunch, and we’ll be presenting about our [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease Linked to Air Pollution

A study shows proof that Alzheimer's Disease starts in childhood and could be linked to air pollution. Photo by Bistrian Iosip on Unsplash A new study focusing on Mexico City's residents found evidence to suggest that Alzheimer's begins in early childhood and could be linked to air pollution. According to Newsweek, researchers examined [...]

EDF Encourages Businesses to Embrace Environmental Innovation

A recent article by EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) shines the light on businesses who are leading the way in environmental innovations. EDF's "How environmental innovation will transform business as usual" article focuses on inventive businesses who are using their technology to benefit the environment. According to Tom Murray, VP of EDF's Corporate Partnerships program, more [...]

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CEOs Mention Climate More Often than “The Dollar” in Earnings Calls

A new report by the S&P Global Ratings finds that climate risk and weather events are top topics among the CEOs of Publically Traded Companies. S&P Global Ratings's The Effects of Weather Events on Corporate Earnings Are Gathering Force report examined the earning calls' transcripts and public corporate research updates for companies in the S&P [...]

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Alternative Solutions to Eliminate Emissions

Why is air pollution an issue? According to Brady Dennis from The Washington Post, nine million people around the world are killed each year due to pollution. These high mortality rates have encouraged governments worldwide to implement air pollution legislation in order to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help save people’s lives. Global [...]

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