Mobile Electric Power

Austin-Travis County Ambulances Go Green with Stealth Power EMS Series

Austin Energy Announces Installation of Stealth Power EMS Series in 34 ATCEMS Ambulances Going green can mean different things, and many organizations are looking at how they can help the environment. At Austin-Travis County EMS, green-powered electrical systems have been installed in 34 ambulances with more on the way. ATCEMS and local Austin company Stealth [...]

New York City to have 200 City Ambulances with Stealth Power units

The City of New York is implementing over 200 Stealth alternative power units in City ambulances. This represents a major investment in our technology and future savings, as our alternative power units will reduce idling. The roll out of these vehicles will coincide with NYC’s plan to introduce 30 solar power carports for charging of City EV [...]

Stealth Power bright solutions

What other solutions do Stealth Power's mobile power systems provide? Stealth Power helps decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emission being released into the environment, its reduces financial costs for government emergency agencies, aids in the safety protocols for Law Enforcement, EMS and Military agencies and provides a reliable alternative power source for vehicles across [...]

The power behind Stealth Power’s eco-friendly technology

Is Stealth Power a large battery? No, Stealth Power is a smart mobile electric power system with a size that is merely a fraction of the size of your vehicle. How does idle reduction technology work? Stealth Power’s smart mobile power systems provide power to operate a vehicle's auxiliary electrical load, without engine engagement, anytime, [...]

Stealth Power’s financial benefits

How long will it take to realize fuel cost savings after installing an idle reduction system? As long as you use the mobile electric power system to its fullest capabilities you will realize fuel cost savings almost instantaneously. What’s the cost of Idle Reduction? The cost of our systems depends on the load needed in [...]

Stealth Power – the technology behind the name

Stealth Power uses quality components to provide mobile power to every of your applications. Contrary to popular belief, Stealth Power is much more than a big battery. Master Control Unit Our M.C.U. acts as the"Brain of the System," monitoring every function within the applications device (voltages of the vehicle, voltages of the system etc.) and [...]

Adopting smart mobile electric power

In the past, the perception of risk and lack of user experience were obstacles to adopting mobile energy management technology. But as technology improves and more studies reveal the inefficiencies and health risks associated with generators, this may no longer be the case. There are about five million cell phone towers worldwide, 640,000 of which [...]

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