Off-Grid, Hybrid Energy to Power the Air Force of the Future

From force vulnerability to tactical readiness and environmental toxicity, the Department of Defense’s ability to successfully execute is impacted by every gallon of fuel it uses. The DoD is one of the largest single consumers of energy globally, and the Air Force is the largest user of fuel energy in the U.S. Government. As the [...]

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Climate’s Impact on Green Energy

Long-term climate changes can influence green energy's supply. Photo by Appolinary Kalashnikova on Unsplash One of wind power's challenges is that it varies greatly day by day. A new study by Columbia's Earth Institute's David Farnham found that the same could be true across all green energy sources for decades to come. According [...]

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Alternative Solutions to Eliminate Emissions

Why is air pollution an issue? According to Brady Dennis from The Washington Post, nine million people around the world are killed each year due to pollution. These high mortality rates have encouraged governments worldwide to implement air pollution legislation in order to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help save people’s lives. Global [...]

Pollution Linked to Diseases, Premature Deaths, and Even Brain Development Impairment  

Pollution is a great threat to health. According to the World Health Organization, nine million deaths in 2015 were connected to pollution—a killer that far surpassed deaths from malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined. Some of the well-known effects of pollution are respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, asthma, and premature deaths. The New York City Department of [...]

Our Ambulance Specific Green Energy Solution with ATCEMS is in the News!

An article was recently published in Jems Digital about our partnership with Austin-Travis County EMS to develop a green-powered battery for use on ambulances. Our three year collaboration yielded a green mobile technology called the Stealth Power EMS series, that has been used since 2014 in Austin ambulances. You can download the full article here. [...]

Stealth Power introduces its line of hybrid generators

What type of renewable energy does Stealth Power incorporate into their systems? Stealth Power can integrate renewable energy sources from wind turbines and/or solar panels in order to reduce usage of the generator, which reduces fuel consumption, green house gas emission and maintenance.

The power behind Stealth Power’s eco-friendly technology

Is Stealth Power a large battery? No, Stealth Power is a smart mobile electric power system with a size that is merely a fraction of the size of your vehicle. How does idle reduction technology work? Stealth Power’s smart mobile power systems provide power to operate a vehicle's auxiliary electrical load, without engine engagement, anytime, [...]

Stealth Power’s ecological impact

Stealth Power's smart mobile electric power systems provide power to vehicles without the need to keep the ignition on. By providing an alternative source of power, Stealth Power help reducing the amount of green house gas emissions. When engaging Stealth Power's smart mobile technology into your vehicles, you dismiss the substantial need for fuel consumption; [...]

Your installation options with Stealth Power

Stealth Power strives to provide the highest level of customer service. Our mobile power idle reduction systems can be installed on all vehicles, any fleet size. Powered by solid-state powercell(s), our systems are mountable in just about any direction allowing for the vehicle's most convenient fit. Typically installation takes just a couple of hours (installation [...]