Stand Alone Generators

Alternative Solutions to Eliminate Emissions

Why is air pollution an issue? According to Brady Dennis from The Washington Post, nine million people around the world are killed each year due to pollution. These high mortality rates have encouraged governments worldwide to implement air pollution legislation in order to encourage businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and help save people’s lives. Global [...]

Stealth Power introduces its line of hybrid generators

What type of renewable energy does Stealth Power incorporate into their systems? Stealth Power can integrate renewable energy sources from wind turbines and/or solar panels in order to reduce usage of the generator, which reduces fuel consumption, green house gas emission and maintenance.

The power behind Stealth Power’s eco-friendly technology

Is Stealth Power a large battery? No, Stealth Power is a smart mobile electric power system with a size that is merely a fraction of the size of your vehicle. How does idle reduction technology work? Stealth Power’s smart mobile power systems provide power to operate a vehicle's auxiliary electrical load, without engine engagement, anytime, [...]

Your installation options with Stealth Power

Stealth Power strives to provide the highest level of customer service. Our mobile power idle reduction systems can be installed on all vehicles, any fleet size. Powered by solid-state powercell(s), our systems are mountable in just about any direction allowing for the vehicle's most convenient fit. Typically installation takes just a couple of hours (installation [...]

Stealth Power – the technology behind the name

Stealth Power uses quality components to provide mobile power to every of your applications. Contrary to popular belief, Stealth Power is much more than a big battery. Master Control Unit Our M.C.U. acts as the"Brain of the System," monitoring every function within the applications device (voltages of the vehicle, voltages of the system etc.) and [...]

Adopting smart mobile electric power

In the past, the perception of risk and lack of user experience were obstacles to adopting mobile energy management technology. But as technology improves and more studies reveal the inefficiencies and health risks associated with generators, this may no longer be the case. There are about five million cell phone towers worldwide, 640,000 of which [...]

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