How long is the warranty on Stealth’s product?2018-03-20T09:08:29-05:00

The Limited Warranty is provided by Stealth Power and covers defects in workmanship and materials in your unit. The warranty period lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase, so long as the product is registered in our database.

What is the proper way to report a defect?2018-03-20T09:03:37-05:00

The unit must be installed within 90 days of receipt or the warranty is null and void. Proof of Purchase is required to make any warranty claim. In the instance that the user discovers a defect in the system, the user has 30 days to contact Stealth Power. Provided you notify Stealth Power of the product defect within the Warranty Period, Stealth Power, through inspection, must establish the existence of such defect(s) and its coverage by this Limited Warranty.

What performance metrics can Stealth Power provide?2018-03-19T16:35:56-05:00

Stealth Power utilizes real-time data to better manage vehicle fleet operations and maintenance for our clients. This dynamic data, including advanced vehicle diagnostics and remote sensor readings, tracks idle reduction usage, cost and fuel savings, environmental benefits and aids in predictive maintenance. Using our custom designed client dashboard, fleet managers and supervisors can easily track system analytics across the entire fleet or individual vehicles.

Will Stealth Power’s smart mobile power systems work with my vehicle?2018-03-09T15:20:36-06:00

Our systems are engineered to work on any vehicle and fuel type, including gas, diesel, CNG and even EV.

What kinds of electrical equipment will Stealth Power’s smart mobile power solutions power?2018-03-09T15:19:45-06:00

Our solutions provide all the power you need – enough to run auxiliary air, heat, lights, computers, camera, radio, communications systems, surveillance systems, weapons systems, power tools and other electrical equipment.

How much fuel can I expect to save using Stealth Power’s idle-reduction technology?2016-03-10T21:22:48-06:00

Vehicles typically burn between 0.8 and 1.5+ gallons of fuel per hour while idling. When you use our idle-reduction technology, you can turn off your engine, save that fuel, and still have all the power you need to run your electrical equipment. Find out how much fuel you can save with the Stealth Power Savings Calculator.

How long will the power provided by Stealth Power’s solutions last?2018-03-09T15:21:55-06:00

It depends on the size of the system and the electrical load.

What sort of renewable energy does Stealth Power integrate with?2016-03-10T21:19:29-06:00

Our intelligent power products integrate natural energy from solar, wind, thermoelectric and other renewable sources.

Where are Stealth Power’s products manufactured?2016-03-10T21:18:53-06:00

All of our power systems are made in the USA.

How much does Stealth Power’s idle-reduction technology cost?2016-03-10T21:18:28-06:00

Systems range from $3,295 to $29,995, depending on the system needed to meet demands.

Are grants available to equip my fleet with Stealth Power’s smart mobile power solutions?2018-03-09T15:23:38-06:00

Yes! Our smart mobile energy solutions are considered clean technology, which means they’re eligible for local, state and federal grants. Your local Clean Cities Coalition – an extension of the U.S. Department of Energy – is an ideal partner to advocate for an environmental, homeland security or disaster response grant on your behalf. Click here to find your local CCC.

How are Stealth Power’s smart mobile power systems installed?2018-03-19T16:40:06-05:00

Our smart mobile power systems can be installed on all vehicles, any fleet size. Our team can provide professional installation, or put you in touch with an installer/dealer in your area. Installation times vary by vehicle.

We can also certify your fleet maintenance technicians for installations as well.

How can Stealth Power’s intelligent power products help provide a healthier environment?2018-03-19T16:28:16-05:00

Our intelligent power products prevent idling, which saves the burning of fossil fuel and the emission of greenhouse gases. For every ten minutes of idling eliminated, you keep one pound of damaging carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

Additionally, idling has been linked to increases in asthma, allergies, heart and lung disease, and cancer, and breathing exhaust fumes has been proven to damage brain cells. A New York City study showed that kids with high exposure to combustion-engine byproducts had lower IQs by age five.

By preventing excessive idling, our solutions provide a better air quality environment, and healthier drivers and passengers.

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