Idle reduction – using technologies or practices to minimize the amount of time vehicle operators idle their engines – is the core concept of all Stealth Power products.

To gain some perspective on why idle reduction is important, just look over the following statistics.

  • Idling vehicles use billions of gallons of fossil fuel and release tons of greenhouse gases each year. Idle reduction is an essential way to conserve petroleum and prevent emissions.
  • In the U.S., medium-duty trucks alone use about 2.5 billion gallons of fuel every year – or 6.7% of the total fuel they consume – just to idle.
  • For each hour it idles, an ambulance burns about 1.5 gallons of fuel, and puts 35-50 miles’ worth of wear-and tear on the engine.
  • For a typical ambulance, oil and diesel particle-clogged filters are changed every 2-6 weeks, at a cost of about $200 per vehicle, or over $5,000 annually for basic maintenance.

Stealth Power’s idle-reduction technology offers many benefits, including substantial savings on fuel and maintenance, significant extension of vehicle life, and dramatic decreases in polluting emissions for improved health and global sustainability.


Emergency vehicles need electric power to operate onboard equipment and provide a controlled environment for life-saving medicines and patient care. Historically, this required idling their engines any time they’re not parked and plugged into their station.

The exhaust from idling emergency vehicles poses a health risk to not only paramedics, EMS technicians and patients in transit, but also to emergency-room patients, staff and visitors as the fumes infiltrate the ER. Additionally, drivers leaving their vehicles unattended while idling create a public-safety risk and liability for their companies.

All that idling is damaging to the vehicle itself, too. Mileage and idling hours take a terrible toll on EMS vehicles, and when they’re not in-field, they’re usually receiving maintenance. Many ambulance engines are out of warranty within a year.

Stealth Power’s idle-reduction technology enables full operation of onboard electrical systems – including air, heat, lights, camera, laptops, radio, refrigerator, chargers and power-load stretchers – for hours without engaging the engine. The system can recharge either from the vehicle’s alternator while it’s driving, or from shore power.

Our smart electric-power systems ensure superior mobile operations, so you can continue providing superior care.

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Significant logistics support is required to transport fuel and supplies in combat; since 2003, over 3,000 U.S. soldiers and contractors have been killed while operating or protecting resupply convoys overseas. Idle-reduction technology increases vehicle fuel economy and survivability, by decreasing the number of troops required to transport fuel.

USA-made and military-tested, Stealth Power’s mobile power products are a “take to war” technology, as designated at Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE). Our system is designed particularly for integration with U.S. military vehicles, providing power for communications, surveillance and weapons systems in HMMWVs, MRAPs, Strykers and other tactical vehicles.

In battlefield testing, our idle-reduction technology improved tactical and mission capabilities by offering extensive fuel-free equipment operation. AEWE found that Stealth Power reduced fuel consumption on a single 6.5-genset generator by up to 69% – or 1,000 gallons of fuel annually. With fuel costs estimated at $50-$500/gallon, this reflects a cost savings of $50K-$500K per generator. Our products also reduced vehicle idle time by up to 12 hours, enabling extended silent-watch capabilities.

Stealth Power’s idle-reduction technology, a winner of the 2013 Defense Energy & Utility Technology Challenge, is recognized by the Department of Defense as an innovative energy solution that improves troop safety, cuts power costs and diminishes dependence on foreign oil.

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Fire & Rescue

Fire departments and rescue teams are continually on-call to respond to rescues, medical calls and hazmat incidents. Stealth Power’s fire & rescue series provides continuous power that allows teams to use essential equipment without leaving the engine running.
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Law Enforcement & K9

A typical law-enforcement vehicle goes through six or more batteries each year. Stealth Power’s law enforcement series integrates with police units to operate a cruiser’s electrical equipment without idling the engine and wasting battery power. Additionally, ou K9 Kool product is designed for K9 officers to remain safely and comfortably in the vehicle.
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Service Vehicles

Stealth Power’s service vehicle series operates service and utility trucks’ auxiliary and hydraulic electrical loads, without engaging the vehicle’s primary engine.
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Long-Haul Trucking

Stealth Power’s long-haul series provides power for vehicular comforts and expands run-times, providing power for up to 48 hours without constant engine or generator idling.
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Idle-reduction technology that:

  • uses less fuel for fewer refuels and lower costs
  • minimizes necessary maintenance and man-hours
  • lowers long-term operating costs while improving operational performance

Smart electric-power systems that:

  • are non-combustible and non-hazardous
  • diminish users’ exposure to toxic emissions
  • are quiet, providing a healthier, better work environment
  • feature a never-stranded jumpstart mechanism
  • are bullet-safe and crash-tested

Superior mobile power products that:

  • reduce the risk of dead batteries
  • are all-weather resistant and tolerant to extreme temperatures, from -40oF to 156oF
  • offer the utmost in reliability for high-tech equipment
  • fully comply with state and local idling regulations

Smart mobile energy solutions that:

  • decrease “ghost” miles and overall engine wear-and-tear
  • increase MPGs
  • enhance performance while lowering long-term expenditures
  • lengthen maintenance cycles

Intelligent power systems that:

  • use the alternator to recharge as you drive
  • plug-and-play into a dedicated 20-amp outlet or 30-amp shore-line
  • offer optional remote monitoring of the system, fuel use, batteries and generator health
  • are maintenance-free

Clean technology solutions that:

  • minimize CO2, NOx and other greenhouse-gas emissions
  • reduce reliance on imported or inconsistent energy supplies
  • are CARB-approved
  • are recyclable

Our Idle Reduction Systems in Action

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Stealth Power IP Units


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