Laws and Regulations

IdleBase is a database of known laws related to engine idling of on-road vehicles. (“Laws” is used to include regulations, ordinances, and administrative code and other enforceable rules that govern the use of motor vehicles.) It is designed to be a reference tool both for those who, as a practical matter, need to know the laws (e.g., fleet managers and drivers) and those who are interested in learning how other states, regions, counties, and municipalities seek to reduce the fuel waste and air-quality effects associated with idling (e.g., policymakers).

IdleBase is provided as a reference tool for the convenience of users. Because laws, ordinances, and code are subject to change, users are strongly encouraged to crosscheck current laws.


Download this spreadsheet from the U.S. Department of Energy and also this pdf from the American Transportation US Institute to learn more about specific exemptions and city/state regulations across the country.