Millennials’ Strong Desire for Clean Energy

According to Energy Manager Today, “the survey found that a strong majority of young voters support clean energy, and desire changes to our current electricity markets that reduce regulations, disrupt monopolies, and increase consumer choice”.

Millennials will be the majority of voters in the 2018 election, which means that this would influence highly on the nation’s poll. Young voters’ main objective in voting is to address the environmental challenges facing in the nation.

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Giuseppe Famiani, Unsplash

Additionally, the article also mentioned that the new poll concentrates on the following:

  • 82% of respondents claimed that energy is the essential issue that inspired them to vote in 2018.
  • 92% of voters believed that ‘all-of-above’ energy plan is crucial such as “alternative and renewable energies that will innovate the market and provide consumers with a variety of energy choices”.
  • Renewable energy options are of interest among the young voters, which includes “74% who want to see more emphasis placed on solar power and 64% who emphasized wind power”.

“In 2018, millions of young Americans will be casting ballots in their first election – and how they vote will be a strong predictor of voting habits that will persist for the rest of their lives,” said Mark Pischea, president of CEN.

Benji Backer also mentioned that young voters place high value on clean energy because not only this will increase economic competitiveness but provide consumers with various and diverse choices of their energy portfolio. With the growing moral and environmental concerns among the youth demographics, this determines the future of elections.