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Stealth Power’s standalone hybrid generators provide flexible, scalable power for remote power applications, such as oil and gas, mining, irrigation, cell towers, sky watch towers, operating bases, micro-grid operations and unreliable grids.

Our Hybrid Generators in Action

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  • intelligent master control unit that cycles on and off, to optimize performance and conserve fuel
  • remote self-monitoring of fuel use, batteries and generator health, to preserve maintenance and man-hours
  • engineered to eliminate the number-one maintenance issue, wet stacking, to improve reliability
  • designed to operate electrical loads at 12/24/36/48 VDC and 110/220 VAC, with black-start capability of 15 continuous seconds of 2,400 cold-cranking amps

Mobile/Cell Towers

Using the same principles used for idle reduction, Stealth Power has developed a mobile/cell tower fuel-reduction unit that diminishes dependence on generators when grid power isn’t available. In areas where cell towers have high dependence on generators, installing our system can result in 60-80% fuel reduction. It also substantially cuts labor costs to monitor and refill generators.

Using Stealth Power’s fuel-reduction unit, the mobile tower draws from the electric grid and the generator only when the batteries reach 20% of capacity; then, the whole power output of the generator is used to charge the battery, rather than to operate the equipment.

The result* is a 50% reduction in fuel use, a return-on-investment within 18 months and a continued 50% decrease in operating costs; savings are further enhanced through lower fuel-refilling costs and fewer maintenance cycles.

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Fig. 1: Traditional Generator Use for Mobile/Cell Towers

Mobile Tower Application Stealth Power

Fig. 2: Generator Use with Stealth Power’s Fuel-Reduction Unit

Mobile Tower Application SP

*Calculations based on a 14KVA generator in an area with limited available power.

Operating Assumptions

Cell Tower Operational Cost Savings Argument
per Stealth Power Unit
System Costs
Fuel usage (Ltrs)/year without SP system 27,372 Fuel cost (diesel per liter) $1.10
Fuel usage (Ltrs)/year SP system 13,686 SP system cost to HBC $22,770
Annual fuel cost without SP system $30,110 Local partner mark-up 50%
Annual fuel cost with SP system $15,055 Local partner unit sales price $34,155
Annual cost saving with SP system $15,955 Cost of replacement equipment $11,350
Repayment period (mos.) for customer 18.18 Assumptions Fuel usage assumptions
Repayment period in operational hours 9,958 14 KVA Generator diesel Fuel usage/hour 4,164
Cost savings per operational hour $2.29 Fuel usage using SP system 50%
Total hours/year 8,765
Percentage of hours in operation 75%
Total hours of operation 6,574

Costs depend on generator size and significance of energy cost differentials during day/night.

In locations that have difficulty accessing power, the power/utility provides a tiered rate structure for using power off‐peak rather than during peak hours.

This load shifting can be as high as 25% of the difference between peak vs. off peak usage. In India, for example, the price difference in an energy unit can be as much as 22.5% if non‐peak hours are utilized. This is a guaranteed savings available every day as the load shifting discount is applied at least 5 days a week. In a test case, we used a 78,000 sq. ft., class A office space which was being utilized at 50%. The system reduced the need for a second generator, reduced fuel consumption by 75% and provided a reduction of power costs by 32%. The system cost was recouped within 9 months and the continued cost savings went directly to the owner’s bottom line.

Generator Size 1/4 1/2 3/4 Full Load
3Kw/H 0.02 gal/hr 0.04 gal/hr 0.05 gal/hr 0.07 gal/hr
5Kw/H 0.04 gal/hr 0.06 gal/hr 0.09 gal/hr 0.11 gal/hr
10Kw/H 0.09 gal/hr 0.13 gal/hr 0.18 gal/hr 0.23 gal/hr
15Kw/H 0.14 gal/hr 0.21 gal/hr 0.28 gal/hr 0.36 gal/hr
20Kw/H 0.2 gal/hr 0.29 gal/hr 0.39 gal/hr 0.5 gal/hr
30Kw/H 0.35 gal/hr 0.48 gal/hr 0.63 gal/hr 0.79 gal/hr
40Kw/H 0.49 gal/hr 0.67 gal/hr 0.87 gal/hr 1.09 gal/hr
50Kw/H 0.6 gal/hr 0.83 gal/hr 1.07 gal/hr 1.34 gal/hr

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