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Project Description

Power that lives up to the job.

Stealth Power’s law enforcement series is engineered for integration with police units, to operate a cruiser’s ancillary electrical equipment without idling, including lights, camera, radio, license-plate reader, computer and communications. A typical law-enforcement vehicle goes through six or more batteries each year, so our superior mobile energy solutions save batteries, fuel, maintenance, time and money. Additionally, our K9 Kool product is expressly designed to let K9 officers remain in the vehicle in the utmost safety and comfort.

Idle-reduction technology that:

  • uses less fuel for fewer refuels and lower costs
  • minimizes necessary maintenance and man-hours
  • lowers long-term operating costs while improving operational performance

Smart electric-power systems that:

  • are non-combustible and non-hazardous
  • diminish users’ exposure to toxic emissions
  • are quiet, providing a healthier, better work environment
  • feature a never-stranded jumpstart mechanism
  • are bullet-safe and crash-tested

Superior mobile power products that:

  • reduce the risk of dead batteries
  • are all-weather resistant and tolerant to extreme temperatures, from -40oF to 156oF
  • offer the utmost in reliability for high-tech equipment
  • fully comply with state and local idling regulations

Smart mobile energy solutions that:

  • decrease “ghost” miles and overall engine wear-and-tear
  • increase MPGs
  • enhance performance while lowering long-term expenditures
  • lengthen maintenance cycles

Intelligent power systems that:

  • use the alternator to recharge as you drive
  • plug-and-play into a dedicated 20-amp outlet or 30-amp shore-line
  • offer optional remote monitoring of the system, fuel use, batteries and generator health
  • are maintenance-free

Clean technology solutions that:

  • minimize CO2, NOx and other greenhouse-gas emissions
  • reduce reliance on imported or inconsistent energy supplies
  • are CARB-approved
  • are recyclable
“[Stealth Power’s product] has prevented the patrol car from having a dead battery and has allowed the officers to run their equipment without the engine running. It provides officers with constant, never-ending power. They’re never left stranded.”
Lieutenant Dale Barnard, Fleet Manager, Dallas Police Department

Download our helpful info sheet for more information on components, performance data and applications.

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