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Project Description

Power that prevails, wherever you are.

The Stealth Power military series is designed especially for integration with U.S. military vehicles as an innovative battlefield mobile-power solution. Our smart energy systems improve tactical capabilities, extend missions and enable prolonged silent watch through long-lasting fuel-free operation of HVAC/heat, communications, surveillance and weapons systems. In military tests, our technology reduced battlefield fuel consumption in wheeled vehicles by up to 70%.

Stealth Power also offers scalable hybrid generators that can be used independently, with solar or other energy sources for efficient power production and storage. Our standalone application diminishes downtime with seamless auto power cycling, reduces refueling trips, prevents wet stacking and extends generator life. In field tests, our solutions resulted in up to 70% fuel savings.


Idle-reduction technology that:

  • uses less fuel for fewer refuels and lower costs
  • minimizes necessary maintenance and man-hours
  • lowers long-term operating costs while improving operational performance

Smart electric-power systems that:

  • are non-combustible and non-hazardous
  • diminish users’ exposure to toxic emissions
  • are quiet, providing a healthier, better work environment
  • feature a never-stranded jumpstart mechanism
  • are bullet-safe and crash-tested

Superior mobile power products that:

  • reduce the risk of dead batteries
  • are all-weather resistant and tolerant to extreme temperatures, from -40oF to 156oF
  • offer the utmost in reliability for high-tech equipment
  • fully comply with state and local idling regulations

Smart mobile energy solutions that:

  • decrease “ghost” miles and overall engine wear-and-tear
  • increase MPGs
  • enhance performance while lowering long-term expenditures
  • lengthen maintenance cycles

Intelligent power systems that:

  • use the alternator to recharge as you drive
  • plug-and-play into a dedicated 20-amp outlet or 30-amp shore-line
  • offer optional remote monitoring of the system, fuel use, batteries and generator health
  • are maintenance-free

Clean technology solutions that:

  • minimize CO2, NOx and other greenhouse-gas emissions
  • reduce reliance on imported or inconsistent energy supplies
  • are CARB-approved
  • are recyclable
“… the Army should add [Stealth Power] capability to every truck and generator.”
Spiral G Final Report, Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment


Download our helpful info sheet for more information on components, performance data and applications.

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