A smaller, lighter, more powerful solution

Introducing SPAIRS LiTHIUM, featuring Stealth LiTHIUM

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SPAIRS LiTHIUM, the newest in Stealth Power’s Automatic Idle Reduction System (SPAIRS) line of solutions, features a fully integrated automatic start/stop system with a proprietary scalable energy module designed to eliminate unnecessary vehicle idling. SPAIRS LiTHIUM integrates into a vehicle’s existing 12-volt OEM system and automatically controls starting and stopping of the engine based on customizable time, temperature and voltage parameters. The scalable energy module is available in increments of 1.6kWh.

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Stealth Power Lithium Battery

Featuring Stealth LiTHIUM

A smaller, lighter, more powerful battery.

Stealth LiTHIUM is a proprietary next-generation modular lithium battery, providing maximum efficiency and optimized system sizing. Stealth LiTHIUM’s proven chemistry has a lighter and higher energy density compared to traditional lithium iron phosphate, more durable and reliable performance history and an accident-free track record through enhanced thermal management. With energy densities in the 110-115 watt-hour per pound range, these modular lithium batteries offer maximum design flexibility and unbeatable cost efficiency.

Stealth LiTHIUM is available throughout Stealth Power’s line of products, including SPAIRS and SPHIES, in multiples of 1,600 kilowatt-hours.

SPAIRS LiTHIUM 1.5 3.0 4.5
Length 34 in. 34 in. 40 in.
Width 15 in. 15 in. 15 in.
Height 4 in. 7.5 in. 7.5 in.
Weight 55 lbs. 75 lbs. 110 lbs.
Keep your crews comfortable.

Stealth HEAT optimizes crew comfort with the addition of an auxiliary engine coolant heater powered by the vehicle’s OEM battery or the integrated SPAIRS energy module.

Keep your AC-powered equipment running.

Stealth MAINS is an alternating-current (AC) electric power supply with the addition of an inverter powered by the integrated SPAIRS energy module.

Keep your crews cool.

Stealth COOL enhances crew comfort with the addition of an auxiliary DC-powered compressor integrated into the vehicle’s OEM air conditioning system.

Keep your vehicles charged.

Stealth SOLAR serves as an additional charging source for either the vehicle’s OEM battery or the integrated SPAIRS energy module. Stealth SOLAR panels are lightweight, flexible and mount directly to the vehicle’s rooftop.

Keep your teams informed.

Stealth DATA provides fleet managers and operators with near real-time performance and vehicle on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) data, as well as email /text alerts via a cloud-based storage solution.

Keep your crews safe.

Stealth CLEAN offers maximum crew protection via a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtering system that removes 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminants.

Minimizing idling can have a global impact

Significant cost savings

By using an engine less, you require less maintenance and help prevent costly downtime.

Extended vehicle lifecycles

You can extend the lifetime of an engine by accumulating less wear and tear that comes from excessive use.

Pollution reduction

Preventing tons of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere improves air quality and the environment.

Data Built on Microsoft Azure

Optional Stealth DATA package is built on top of Azure, optimizing energy distribution while lowering your operational costs. Provides near real-time performance data and predictive analytics.

Backup and storage
Machine learning
Data and intelligence
Security and management

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