A new article by The Mercury highlights Stealth Power’s idle-reducing solutions for police vehicles.


A recent article by The Mercury, System could save thousands by stopping idling police cars,” has brought to light Stealth Power’s idle-reducing technology and capabilities for law enforcement vehicles.

Written by Monica Sager, the article focuses on Stealth Power’s environmentally friendly Law Enforcement Series. The Stealth Power Law Enforcement Series are plug and play systems that are installed in the trunk of police vehicles, from where they can power all the vehicle’s electrical needs. “Lights, radio, laptop and camera can be powered for up to four hours without the car running.” The system is also non-combustible and non-hazardous, and it can withstand gunshots.

This kind of technology is especially helpful to law enforcement officials because of the amount of electrical power used by their vehicles every day. According to Limerick Police Detective Ernie Morris, police vehicles are equipped with computer data terminals (CDT) which get “hot and taxing” and drain the car batteries if the vehicle is idling.

The Dallas Police Department was able to test the Stealth Power Law Enforcement Series and was able to reduce their idling time by “an average of 4.85 hours a day over a 30-day period.” Based on the article, their police department was able to save about “$14.31 a day in fuel costs, totaling $5,222.24 per year per vehicle.” They were also able to eliminate about 72.75 pounds of carbon dioxide per vehicle per day.

To find out more about Stealth Power’s Law Enforcement Series and how they can help law enforcement officials, please click here to read the full article.