Meet our Mechanical Design Intern!

Today we’re happy to introduce our Mechanical Design Intern, Youssef ID Babou. Originally from Morocco, he’s now studying in France, and he’s been interning with us to finish his Mechanical Engineering Degree. He’s been a great addition to our team, and he’s opened our eyes to the deliciousness of Mediterranean food. Continue reading to learn more about Youssef!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m 22 years old and I am originally from Morocco. I studied mechanical engineering in France before taking on a few internships abroad in Canada, Portugal, and, now, the United States. Some of my other internships were research-related, but I’m really enjoying the hands-on designing experience I’m getting at Stealth Power. In my spare time, I enjoy creating video content – such as music videos and Vlogs – for my youtube channel. I love to travel, so creating Vlogs is a great way to commemorate my trips.

What brought you to Stealth Power?

In France, I worked with an agency that helped connect college students with international internships, and Stealth Power was the first option they offered me. I really wanted to work in the U.S. and experience it firsthand, and Stealth Power’s work was closely related to my studies. So, it was a perfect match! It’s been an enlightening experience for me because I’m learning new things while developing my current skillset and knowledge.

What is your favorite work challenge?

I love making something out of nothing. That’s really what mechanical design is all about – making something that doesn’t exist based on something that does exist and the customer needs. I feel true accomplishment when I succeed in designing something that is a solution for a problem which before was unsolvable.

What’s your favorite taco joint in Austin?

My favorites tacos are the breakfast ones our office manager, Kyndal, brings in! They’re from Jasmine’s Restaurant and they’re delicious. They’re also a great way to start off your morning!