Why Choose Idle Reduction?

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Idle time is a serious issue for modern vehicle fleets. Not only does idling cost thousands of dollars per vehicle, per year, it also presents a unique public relations issue. In New York City alone, there have been over 15,000 civilian complaints about ambulance idling since 2015, citing noise, smog, and safety. Even more importantly, idling can be a significant health risk to drivers and passengers who are exposed to Diesel Particulate Matter on a daily basis, which is linked to elevated lung cancer rates among those exposed regularly. Fortunately Stealth Power offers a solution, with clean idle-reduction technology.

Once installed, the standard Stealth Power system can provide up to three hours standby operation, saving thousands in fuel and maintenance costs. It conveniently charges from the alternator during regular operation, or a wall plug, for convenient and fast recharge so the vehicle can be back on the road as soon as possible.

Stealth Power is the leader in mobile power and idle-reduction technology, developing and producing smart mobile power systems for fleets seeking mobile auxiliary power or idle-reduction solutions. Stealth Power systems have prevented the release of thousands of tons of toxic emissions and preserved millions of gallons of fuel. The average yearly savings for an ambulance equipped with Stealth Power is more than $16,000.

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