Air filter is the future solution

Angad Daryani, the 19-year-old teen from Mumbai “has launched multiple startups and social initiatives, and collaborated on a string of inventions”. According to CNN, Daryani grew up in India with extensive breathing problems where he was inspired to resolve India’s air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, “India has 15 million to 20 million asthmatics, the condition affecting roughly 10% to 15% of 5- to 11-year-olds”. On top of that, India is known as the third largest carbon dioxide emitter based on the data provided by the Global Carbon Atlas. Due to India’s economic boom, a lot more cars are on the streets. The article also stated that “during one bad period of smog in New Delhi in late 2017, breathing outdoors was equivalent to smoking 44 cigarettes a day.”

Credit: Ethan Hoover, Unsplash

This mentioned issue will not vanish within a day, as reported by International Energy Agency “estimated that car ownership in the world’s second most populous nation would jump 775% by 2040”.

CNN stated that Daryani is “working toward a 20-foot cylindrical tower that sucks in air, separating pollutants in a five-phase process. This method adapts and shrinks techniques used by the energy sector and gas-emitting industries.”

“Using replaceable filters like household air purifiers is not an option”, Daryani stated, “they’d need to be replaced every day in the city.” His new product would contain at least two tanks for collecting the particles and carbon which requires emptying them only 1-2 weeks. Once his tower projects are successful, he aims to replicate them in thousands in the city for the next 5-6 years.

Daryani ended the interview to illustrate his entrepreneurship with “my eventual dream is to build companies that solve problems like this. That’s what I tried to do before, and that’s what I hope to do after school.”