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Smart Mobile Electric Power – Idle Reduction

Stealth Power develops and produces smart mobile energy systems that give you the power to run all your electrical equipment without constantly running your engine or generator.

Our solutions provide all the power you need, whenever and wherever you need it – enough to run auxiliary HVAC, heat, lights, communications systems, surveillance systems, weapons systems and power tools.

This idle-reduction technology is eco-friendly, fully compliant, and will save you fuel, maintenance, time, money and wear-and-tear, all while improving operational performance.

Watch our short video below to learn How it works.

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“…Army should add this capability to every truck and generator.”
Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment, Spiral G, Final Report
“[Stealth Power] have delivered even better than promised.”
John Rodriguez, General Manager, Quantum Unlimited, LLC

Stealth on the Road

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Stealth power suite of products


Mobile Idle Reduction

Full mobile power – without engine engagement – for vehicles with demanding electrical needs. Our clients consistently see their fuel costs fall and their maintenance spending decline.

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Hybrid Generators

Our hybrid generators provide safe, scalable power for remote applications, such as oil & gas, mining, irrigation, cell towers, watch towers, operating bases, and electrical grids for remote islands, villages and more.

Learn More


Smart Mobile Power

Intelligent energy for full ancillary function beyond propulsion. Our smart electric-power systems provide energy to operate all onboard equipment, diminish idling, and make the most of operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

Learn More

Learn more about the Benefits of our smart power solutions

stealth-power-idle-reduction-technology-smart-mobile-power-solutions Reduce Idle

Our turnkey systems provide mobile power without engaging your engine.

stealth-power-idle-reduction-technology-smart-mobile-power-solutions Save Money

Spend less on fuel, maintenance and manhours.

stealth-power-idle-reduction-technology-smart-mobile-power-solutionsEasy Use

Our technology is plug-and-play, self-charging and maintenance-free.

stealth-power-idle-reduction-technology-smart-mobile-power-solutions Extend Longevity

Improve your operational performance while minimizing engine wear-and-tear.

stealth-power-idle-reduction-technology-smart-mobile-power-solutionsComply Legally

Ensure your compliance with current and upcoming idling laws.


Decrease dependence on fossil fuels and release of greenhouse gases.

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