250 Stealth Power Units Installed on FDNY Ambulances

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New York, New York: The New York City Fire Department has purchased 36 new ambulances equipped with Stealth Power systems from REV Group Specialty Vehicle Manufacturers, bringing the total number of ambulances in the fleet equipped with Stealth Power’s patented idle reduction system to over 250. Emergency vehicles often need to spend hours every day idling to power their appliances, including equipment that paramedics need to save lives. For every hour of idle – up to 20 hours a day in NYC – one ambulance burns about 1.5 gallons of fuel, emits about 33 pounds of carbon dioxide, and puts 35-50 miles’ worth of wear-and-tear on its engine. Over the past year, Stealth Power units have helped the FDNY ambulance fleet prevent thousands of tons of CO2 emissions and save millions of dollars in unused fuel costs by reducing idle time.

“Stealth Power’s EMS Series provides dependable power for ambulances without idling,” explains Devin Scott,CEO, Stealth Power. “The New York Fire Department has the busiest EMS system nationwide – it responded to more than 1.5 million calls last year. Our technology offers fast, clean access to power which drastically reduces emissions without compromising first responders’ lifesaving efforts.”

Stealth Power’s idle reduction integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s regular operation, charging from the alternator for hassle-free operation, saving money, reducing pollution, and improving the health of paramedics who often have to work while breathing in harmful diesel fumes. Fuel and maintenance savings from reducing idle time pay for each Stealth Power system in less than two years.

NYFD’s investment in Stealth Power systems comes as a part of NYC’s Clean Fleet plan, which will create the largest electric vehicle fleet of any U.S. city, cut municipal vehicle emissions in half by 2025, and serve as a model for the private sector and other major cities in fighting climate change in keeping with the standards set by the Paris climate agreement signed in April 2016.

About Stealth Power: Stealth Power leads the world in mobile power and idle-reduction technology, developing and producing smart mobile power systems for fleets seeking mobile auxiliary power or idle-reduction solutions, as well as for organizations requiring standalone remote hybrid power. Stealth Power systems have prevented the release of thousands of tons of toxic emissions and preserved millions of gallons of fuel – as well as millions of dollars – for its client partners. More information can be found at Stealth Power’s website: http://www.StealthPower.net or http://idlereduction.com.