The 50th anniversary of Earth Day arrives at an interesting point in our collective history. As hours turn to days that soon become weeks, the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic rages on. In many ways, we are more connected to the Earth than ever before. Stepping out on the porch to feel the sun in your face or taking a stroll around the neighborhood with your dog (6 feet apart from others, of course) is the highlight of many of our days. We appreciate that breath of fresh air ever so much more.

At Stealth Power, we celebrate Earth Day every day because we’ve made it our mission to be emission-free. Since Stealth Power was founded in late 2013, we have helped our clients reduce CO2 emissions by an incredible 129,513,975 pounds. In addition, they’ve saved 6,351,449 gallons of gas and over $21 million.

Hard to picture what that means for the environment? Imagine an annual 20,000 tons of waste recycled instead of dumped in landfills or removing 12,473 cars from the road per year (though fewer cars on the road is a reality for those of us currently under stay-at-home orders).

What can each of us do? 

Think that your individual actions won’t make a difference? Find out by calculating your Ecological Footprint to determine which daily activities consume the most energy. Your personal Overshoot Day will also tell you if everyone lived like you, how many Earths it would take to support your lifestyle.

Then, participate in the Earth Day Challenge. Try going zero-waste for a day by switching anything plastic to a reusable alternative. Learn how to compost. Running out of toilet paper? Instead of hoarding, get a bidet! Better yet, make changes to your overall lifestyle.

More than ever, we need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the planet we have. We depend on our planet’s survival just as much Earth depends on the actions we take today.

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