Clients and Collaborators

“Our partnership with Stealth Power has opened the door to new economical and ecological breakthroughs for EMS and the City of Austin. We can turn the truck off, save fuel and contribute to a better environment.”

James Shamard, Chief of Staff, Austin/Travis County EMS

“The robotics platoon sergeant – a sergeant first-class with four deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan – insisted the Army should add [Stealth Power] capability to every truck and generator.”

Spiral G Final Report, Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment

“Mobile-power idle-reduction technology reduces overall vehicle maintenance costs and increases vehicle operational availability. Of the EXFOR soldiers that used idle reduction, 100% believe that this capability is a force multiplier.”

Spiral H Final Report, Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment

“Stealth Power ran my entire car’s equipment for over seven hours, and my car started up without hesitation. This system really works great.”

Sergeant Murray, Austin Police Department

“[Stealth Power’s product] has prevented the patrol car from having a dead battery and has allowed the officers to run their equipment without the engine running. It provides officers with constant, never-ending power. They can power anything they want to power. They can jumpstart anything they want to jumpstart. They’re never left stranded.”

Lieutenant Dale Barnard, Fleet Manager, Dallas Police Department

“As an early adopter of Stealth Power technology – in addition to being part of the development of this innovative green-energy source – Austin-Travis County EMS is pleased to be equipped with this system, which installed the EMS Series in its ambulance fleet last year. Stealth Power improves our agency’s carbon footprint, and provides cost-savings to the department and taxpayers through reduced fuel consumption and preventive maintenance cycles.”

Michael Benavides, Commander with ATCEMS

“We have been more than pleased with [Stealth Power’s] product performance; they have delivered even better than promised. Even with gas prices increasing, we’ve seen our fuel costs decrease thanks to using Stealth Power’s product, rather than inverters and generators.”

John Rodriguez, General Manager, Quantum Unlimited LLC

“This advanced technology will help bring a better quality of life to our citizens, enhancing the beautification of city streets and providing a clean environment for the community while still reducing costs.”

City of Inglewood Public Works Department

“Stealth Power’s system powered all our emergency equipment, 72amp draw, for over three hours straight. We have 25 units installed in our CSI vehicles.”

Captain Baker, Las Vegas Metro Police Department